Q:           Why is Pro Tones not on my insurance company’s “list” of auto repair shops?
A:            Insurance companies want to control repair costs, so they have established “preferred” shops that have agreed to allow the insurance company to control many things that may affect the quality of your vehicle’s repair.  For example, requiring the use of aftermarket parts and used parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts; limiting paint and material costs; and limiting repair time.  This is not in your best interest.  Pro Tones is dedicated to restoring your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.  We are in business for our customers, not the insurance companies.  Pro Tones believes that word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about our quality repairs.  References are also available upon request.  Check out our “Testimonials” page for actual comments from previous Pro Tones’ customers.

Q:           Pro Tones is not on my insurance company’s “list”-- does that mean I will not have a warranty on the repairs?
A:            No.  An insurance company will not warranty any shops’ repairs, whether or not the shop is on their “list.”  The repair facility will generally warranty its repairs.  Pro Tones will warranty its repairs to your vehicle as long as you own it.

Q:           Do I need to drive my vehicle to my insurance company for an estimate?
A:            No.  Notify your insurer when you will be leaving your vehicle at the shop of your choice.  Pro Tones works with your insurance adjuster to arrange a date for the estimate and works with the adjuster to evaluate the damage to your vehicle.

Q:           Do I need to get three estimates?
A:            No.  One estimate from the shop of your choice is all that is required by law to determine the amount of loss.  If you do get more than one estimate, the shop with the lowest estimate is generally chosen by the insurance company (or a customer who is paying out of pocket) for the repair.  Beware.  Ask questions.  An estimate is only an estimate.  Pro Tones’ estimate may be higher than others, but we write a thorough, detailed estimate rather than “low balling.”  Pro Tones believes that honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship are the only way to establish confidence in our customers, and we want our customers to have a better understanding of the repair process to make a sound decision.

Q:           If I’m in an accident/collision, what should I do?
A:           1.    Stay calm and ask the other driver if they (or any passengers) are injured; if                       so, call 911 immediately.
               2.    If no one is injured, contact the local police department by calling the
                       non-emergency telephone number.
               3.    Ask the other driver for their insurance information and write it down                       carefully.  Make sure you have the license number of their vehicle.
               4.    Do not drive your vehicle; there may be damage you cannot see.
               5.    If Pro Tones is the shop of your choice, call us at (707) 255-6046, and we                        can assist you with the following.
a.    Contact a towing service to deliver your vehicle safely to our facility.
b.    Assist you with contacting the insurance company to begin the claims process.
c.    Answer any questions you may have about the repair of your vehicle and the time it        will take to put you back on the road, SAFELY.


Q:           What if it’s just a parking lot fender bender?
A:           1.    Stay calm.
               2.    Contact the local police department by calling the non-emergency telephone                        number.
               3.    Ask the other driver for their insurance information and write it down                       carefully.  Make sure you have the license number of their vehicle.
               4.    Carefully, drive your vehicle to Pro Tones, located at 872 Vallejo Street in                        Napa.
               5.    Upon arrival, our friendly staff will assess the damage to your vehicle.  You                       may or may not want to involve the insurance company.  Either way, we are                       here to help you in your time of need, and ultimately restore your vehicle to                       its pre-loss condition with a lifetime warranty!

Q:           What is this waterborne paint I’ve been hearing about?
A:            Good question!  Pro Tones is very excited about this new refinishing product.  It is an environmentally friendly base coat color for your vehicle.  The pollutants and emissions are very low to protect our atmosphere and waterways.  Pro Tones has purchased a complete waterborne system from Dupont, called “Chromax Pro.”  The system is a water base (not solvent based) reduction to propel the paint mixture from the spray gun to the surface being coated.  Air movement is used to evaporate the moisture from the base coat color, followed by standard bake time with heat.  The vehicle is then ready for a urethane clear coat.  Pro Tones has been using the waterborne system since February 2008 and is in compliance with mandatory standards that must be met by Bay Area automotive body repair facilities not later than January 1, 2010.

Q:           Pro Tones advertises that it has “Gone Green.”  What exactly do you mean?
A:            We have always been concerned with our environment, safety, and cleanliness, and Pro Tones is proud to say, “We’ve gone green!”  We are doing everything we can to keep our Napa Valley clean by using products with fewer contaminants (chemicals) and disposing of those chemicals in an environmentally responsible manner to prevent them from entering our environment for a healthier community.  The following is a list of what we’ve done:

  1. A low emission 2009 GFS spray booth with 85 percent recycled air for solid trapment and cleaner air.  This spray booth is specifically engineered to produce the cleanest paint environment possible for the new waterborne refinishing system, with a “bake” cycle resulting in a factory finish.
  2. Complete Dupont Chromax Pro waterborne refinishing system.
  3. New low air pressure vlp spray guns for less overspray and air contaminates.
  4. Waterborne cleaning system for spray guns and measuring utensils.
  5. A water separator that removes solids from water.
  6. A thinner recycler, which separates paint solids from “used” thinner to produce “new” thinner for cleaning.
  7. The use of a wash mat, which catches soapy water and pumps it into the sewer, rather than the storm drain.

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